Are you ready to transform?

Dance. Breathe. Play.

Connect with your life-force, with joy and with your living SacredSpirit.  


How SacredSpirit can help you

Transform your body and your life. 

Enrich and Heal your Spirit through Movement, Breath and Play.

Integrate body, mind and soul. 

What we offer


Group classes are offered for Nia Dance and
Private one-to-one sessions are offered for Transformational Breath.
Nia Dance

In person classes 

All classes are now being held in-person.

1 hour class

At Lansdown Hall, Stroud:
  • Tuesday: 9.20 - 10.30am 
    Friday: 09.50 - 11.00am

1 hour class

"Dance in Nature" Silent-Disco Sunset Class (weather permitting)
  • Wednesday: 18.45 - 20.00 
  • Other Pop-Up "Dance in Nature" silent-disco classes will be available throughout the year
  • Register with Yael to get Pop-Up class notifications
Transformational Breath

In-person, hands on sessions

Online one-to-one sessions

Book now (pre-booking required):

In-person, hands on sessions

Online one-to-one sessions  

90 - 120 minutes

Monday - Saturday
Piano Lessons

In person 

Private lessons  
(by arrangement)

30 - 60 minutes

Monday - Thursday

Ask Yael

We are happy to answer any questions you have about SacredSpirit Nia Dance classes, Transformational Breath sessions or Piano Lessons.
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