What our Nia clients have said

Joanne E
"Thank you so much for doing this Yael.
Your virtual classes, and your constant reminders to “Choose JOY” are a wonderful oasis of peace and happiness twice a week.
God bless you!"
Batya S
“Did a class with Yael for the first time this morning. She was really great.
After the class my body felt that I had used it in so many good ways.
I am still trying to wipe the smile off my face!”
Liz T
“Yael and her deeply sensual, energising and healing Nia movement classes.
I LOVE her and I LOVE what she brings to every class”

What participants in the most recent Transformational Breath® introductory workshop said

"Dear Yael
I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday afternoon which was an amazing experience and which I am still processing. I was anxious about it but as soon as I saw you I felt all would be OK in your welcoming embrace. In fact it was more than ok and looking back I can't quite believe that I did it. But I felt so much better afterwards and really calm."

"Thanks so much Yael.

Loved the session and felt totally safe with your style and guidance and got a lot out of the breathing."
"Hi Yael
Thank you for the amazing breath session yesterday - I haven't done any before and was pretty blown away by what happened for me..!
Thank you also for holding me so well when I was a bit 'out of it'.. (out of body actually..), which you did sensitively and clearly🙏👍"

More testimonials from our one-to-one Transformational Breath® clients 

Claire C
“Wow, I had an incredibly powerful session with Yael last week! She held such a loving clear space, which made me feel SO safe..I was able to open up and release deep energy, raw emotion and clear blockages!I received so much insight, clarity and healing both during the session and following it. Since then I have felt more clear, intuition increased and I have been sleeping really well (I was not sleeping well at all previously)! Thank you sooo much Yael, I highly recommend and I look for ward to our next session 🥰🙏”
Chia C
“I am writing to thank you for the last session that I had, it was such a beautiful experience and I am still glowing with the memory of it days later!
The affirmations and intentions were, as ever, exactly what I needed to hear, and I was delighted that I had already resonated with one or two of them beforehand, which confirmed for me that the session was taking me exactly where I needed to go.
The 'breath dance' at the beginning worked well to ground me and connect me to my body so I was ready for the breathing that followed. I felt really happy already, before the 'work' had even begun!
This session was deeper and more blissful than any I had had before, I felt absolutely bathed in love. Unlike other forms of meditation where I have tried to connect to the breath, I was able to be fully present and aware throughout. I had wonderful sensations of tingling and I seemed to see visions of a flame at my third eye and of traveling through starry heavens.
All the time I felt completely safe and I knew that I could trust where you were encouraging me to go .
This is the beauty of working one to one rather than in a group, i was able to relax fully into whatever experiences arose, knowing that they would be perfect for the moment,
You have such a gift to be able to facilitate such deep transformations, I really value how much you bring to the work, guiding me to express my intentions and then holding space for me to open my heart”
Kate B
“Yael is a breath of fresh air (sorry about the pun!), she made me feel comfortable and at ease during the session and talked me through what I was hoping to achieve.
The session was bloody hard work! But really remarkable in its results.
I was surprised to experience a sudden shift in energy and entered some kind of altered state during the final push of the breathwork.
Really incredible stuff and keen to experience again.
Thank you Yael”
Mike K
"Yael held our breathwork sessions with a combination of certainty and intuition that allowed me to fully enter into the experience.
Her way of clarifying the intention for each session enabled a smooth transition from the day-to-day to a full, deep experience, and during the experience itself I felt fully held and supported.
Highly recommended."