What our Nia clients have said

Joanne E
"Thank you so much for doing this Yael.
Your virtual classes, and your constant reminders to “Choose JOY” are a wonderful oasis of peace and happiness twice a week.
God bless you!"
Batya S
“Did a class with Yael for the first time this morning. She was really great.
After the class my body felt that I had used it in so many good ways.
I am still trying to wipe the smile off my face!”
Liz T
“Yael and her deeply sensual, energising and healing Nia movement classes.
I LOVE her and I LOVE what she brings to every class”

What our Transformational Breath® clients have said

Mike K
"Yael held our breathwork sessions with a combination of certainty and intuition that allowed me to fully enter into the experience.
Her way of clarifying the intention for each session enabled a smooth transition from the day-to-day to a full, deep experience, and during the experience itself I felt fully held and supported.
Highly recommended."
Chia C
“I am writing to thank you for the last session that I had, it was such a beautiful experience and I am still glowing with the memory of it days later!
The affirmations and intentions were, as ever, exactly what I needed to hear, and I was delighted that I had already resonated with one or two of them beforehand, which confirmed for me that the session was taking me exactly where I needed to go.
The 'breath dance' at the beginning worked well to ground me and connect me to my body so I was ready for the breathing that followed. I felt really happy already, before the 'work' had even begun!
This session was deeper and more blissful than any I had had before, I felt absolutely bathed in love. Unlike other forms of meditation where I have tried to connect to the breath, I was able to be fully present and aware throughout. I had wonderful sensations of tingling and I seemed to see visions of a flame at my third eye and of traveling through starry heavens.
All the time I felt completely safe and I knew that I could trust where you were encouraging me to go .
This is the beauty of working one to one rather than in a group, i was able to relax fully into whatever experiences arose, knowing that they would be perfect for the moment,
You have such a gift to be able to facilitate such deep transformations, I really value how much you bring to the work, guiding me to express my intentions and then holding space for me to open my heart”
Kate B
“Yael is a breath of fresh air (sorry about the pun!), she made me feel comfortable and at ease during the session and talked me through what I was hoping to achieve.
The session was bloody hard work! But really remarkable in its results.
I was surprised to experience a sudden shift in energy and entered some kind of altered state during the final push of the breathwork.
Really incredible stuff and keen to experience again.
Thank you Yael”